A place where everyone can enjoy exchanging cultures

The Hakusan City International Exchange Salon is run by the Hakusan International Association (HIA). The salon was established in December of 2002 with the aim of achieving easily accessible international exchange for local residents. Apart from conducting Japanese language classes and offering consultations for those struggling with aspects of daily life in Japan, we also host exchange events which promote multiculturalism and international understanding. Please come and visit us here at the International Exchange Salon, a place where exchange and friendship exceed nationality and cultural differences.

Japanese Language Classes
Daily Life Consultations

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毎月最終金曜日、毎月のテーマ内容について話す、交流型の会話クラスです。 外国人、日本人の皆さん、参加してください。

3月31日 10:00〜11:30
Cost: Free (registration required)


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3月29日 14:00〜15:00
Cost: Free (registration required)




3月29日 15:30〜16:30
Cost: Free (registration required)


Japanese Language Classes

Learn Japanese to improve your daily life!

Here at the Hakusan International Exchange Salon, we hold Japanese language classes which focus on language required for daily life in Japan. If you are interested in any of our classes, please get in touch. All classes ranging from beginner to advanced are free of charge.


You will find us on the 2nd floor of the Matto Culture Hall. Please pop in and say hello!


As soon as you enter the salon you will see the reception area. Here you can sign up for various events, classes and get advice about daily life in Japan.

Visitor Corner

Beside the windows is the visitor corner, where guests can relax on the sofas, chat with other visitors and watch DVDs.

Meeting Room

This meeting room which is equipped with chairs and mobile desks can be used for online meetings, events and language classes. For groups and associations wishing to use this space for international exchange and multicultural events, please book in advance.

Japanese-style Room

The floor of this Japanese-style room is half carpet and half tatami mats. It’s a convenient place for conducting Japanese cultural activities such as koto and tea ceremony classes as well as gatherings that include young children.

Cafe Area

A space where you can enjoy talking with others while having a nice tea or coffee. A great space to chat with your friends between classes.



Why not join us and become a member too!

The Hakusan International Association (HIA) is a private international exchange association which conducts exchange projects between our 5 sister cities abroad, multicultural activities which further promote coexisting in harmony with international residents and also grassroots exchange events. In order to get more local residents involved, we are always on the look out for new potential members. Why don’t you join us and enjoy participating in our international events and activities!



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Ishikawa-ken, Hakusan-shi, Furushiro-machi, 2-banchi (Matto Culture Hall 2nd Floor)
*Please do not use the Matto Learning Center carpark.
Opening hours: 09:15 – 18:00
Closed on Mondays
TEL&FAX: 076-274-3371
E-mail: misalon@asagaotv.ne.jp